• "Respect every customer. Be very competitive. Keep every promise. Steadfast adherence to these principles will keep HK serving our customers for another 40 years." — Karl Hinrichs, HK Laundry President

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About HK Laundry Equipment


Kathryn Rowen - Testimonial Thumbnail

National Sales Manager for Huebsch - 2:46

Kathryn Rowen is the North American Sales Manager for Huebsch brand laundry equipment. Kathryn is responsible for developing & implementing sales strategies to end users through distributor partners.

Larry Samsky - Testimonial Thumbnail

Larry Samsky - Turbo Laundry - 2:05

Larry Samsky has been involved in owning & operating Laundromats for the last 20 years. Larry just completely renovated his Turbo Laundromat in the Bronx in 2015.

Beth Seregely - Testimonial Thumbnail

Beth Sergerly - The Cleaning Exchange - 2:33

Beth and her husband Terry own the Cleaning Exchange laundromat in Shrub Oak, New York. They have owned this Laundromat since 2007.

Bill Hess - Testimonial Thumbnail

Bill Hess - Cherry Orchard Laundromat - 2:07

Bill Hess is the long time owner of the Cherry Orchard laundromat in New Paltz, NY. Bill is a Vietnam helicopter veteran and is very mechanically inclined. Bill loves owning his own Laundromat.

Super Clean Laundromat Owner, Sally Chinnock - Testimonial Thumbnail

Sally Chinnock - Super Clean Laundromat - 1:02

Sally Chinnock is the proud owner of the Super Clean Laundromat in Southbridge, Mass. This is her first laundromat and HK was instrumental in consulting with her to build a state-of-the-art laundroma...

Anthony Incognoli - Testimonial Thumbnail

Anthony Incognoli - The Washing Board Laundromats - 1:00

Anthony Incognoli is the owner of The Washing Board laundromats which are located in Pearl River, Orangeburg and Nyack, New York. This is a great example of growing from one to four Laundromats and c...

Toni Puglise - Testimonial Thumbnail

Toni Puglise - Downtown Laundromats - 2:38

Toni Puglise and Kevin Somarelli own the two Downtown Laundromats in Middletown, NY. Toni & Kevin started with just one store and then they had the opportunity to purchase the land and build a much l...