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Equipment makes the difference:

17 n chats worth washers

HK Laundry Equipment distributes the latest state of the art Huebsch laundry equipment in our Laundry Rooms.  HK has long embraced the “Green Technology” using energy saving “Energy Star” rated laundry equipment in all of our laundry rooms.  These “green” washers will save substantial amounts of water and sewer costs, because of their energy savings design.  Our new washers use a fraction of the water a traditional top loader uses and will wash the clothes better.  The typical 22 lbs. capacity washer front loading washer will only use 11.7 gallons of water for a complete cycle.  The new HK front load washers extract water at an amazing 440 G-force which reduces the water in the clothes to a bare minimum and reduces the dryer run time because there is less water to evaporate off the clothes.  The higher speed extract will reduce your dryer energy costs by as much as 30%.

HK has long been a proponent of providing large capacity washers & dryers for the apartment laundry rooms.  Just because you live in an apartment building does not mean that you do not have big loads of laundry.  Why should a small apartment building be forced to have small machines?  HK gives you the option.  When HK meets with your building's representatives, one of the first questions asked is “What is your Wish List for your laundry room?”  “What size washers do you want in your laundry room?  How do you want your laundry room to look?  What payment options and features do you want to have in your laundry room?”  Answers to these questions, provide the starting point to provide the “Best” laundry room for the residents. 

We listen to your wants and your needs and we deliver.

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HK uses the latest technology to the benefit of the residents, the property managers, the landlords and to streamline the HK operations.  HK uses only 100% card systems and assures 100% auditability.  Card systems eliminate quarters form the laundry room freeing up the residents to use currency or in some cases credit, debit or EBT cards.  In some laundry rooms where there is internet HK provides a Laundry Alert system for the residents where they can monitor the activity of the laundry room and see when machines are available for use.  HK will continue to invest in technology to provide the best laundry experience for the residents and more efficient operations for HK. 

Cashless VAC2


Service is everything: 

HK has dedicated, factory trained service technicians in fully stock HK service vans to quickly fix problems fast and efficiently.  HK is first and foremost a “service company”.  HK has been servicing and repairing laundry equipment since 1967.  New modern laundry equipment is much more efficient and energy saving, but also more sophisticated.  All of our service technicians are factory trained and have the latest knowledge and tools to repair your equipment the first time.  HK equips each service van with all of the common repair parts and if the part is not on the truck, HK has a complete parts depot in Armonk with over $250,000 in parts inventory.  HK is a full line distributor and a partner with our manufacturers.  HK service technicians also service Laundromats, hotels, motels, nursing homes, hospitals and dry cleaners. 


Saving Utility Costs:

Washer Programming
Huebsch Galaxy 600 Controls

Washer programming is the biggest variable in controlling water consumption. It is also a contributor to determining energy consumption. The human interface with programming directly impacts water and energy savings.  Huebsch Galaxy 600 controls allow for the customer to purchase an Extra Wash or an Extra Rinse.  Huebsch gives control to the consumer as to whether you need an extra wash cycle.

Water Consumption 

Older washers usually only have three water levels to choose from: low, medium or high. However, the Huebsch Galaxy 600 controls offer far more water levels;  30 water levels to choose from. A wider selection of water levels allows for small changes that can affect annual water consumption by tens of thousands of gallons.  Less expensive machines do not have this flexibility.  

Water pouring into a washing machineWhile new owners may save money on purchasing cheaper, less feature-rich washers, their cost of ownership is much higher due to the higher utility costs and the lower profit per wash cycle.  Water & sewer costs are rising more rapidly than any other cost in operating a Laundromat.   Stepping up the state-of-the-art microprocessor controls decreases your water consumption and increases your profits and helps the environment.

Energy Consumption
The largest energy consumer in the laundry are the hot water heater and the drying tumbler. Energy is between 10-15 percent of the cost to operate your laundry. But there are some simple methods for reducing energy consumption. Water heating expenses can be cut simply by reducing the water temperature and eliminating the pre-wash cycle.
Graph of typical moisture retention after 6 minute extract
Higher extract speeds in the washer-extractors are an easy way to trim drying times before loads even make it to the tumbler. The time, cost, and energy required to remove water in a washer are much less than removing water in a dryer. Extraction speed is measured in G-Force and the higher G-Force means the stronger extraction and less water left in the load. When comparing a low-priced 100 G-Force washer and 200 G-Force washer, the extra water removed by a high G-Force machine can reduce drying time by 20-25 percent.  This saves gas, drying time and increase thru-put in the Laundromat.

Earth Friendly Laundromat Poster

Preventative Maintenance:

At least once a year HK technicians will visit your property and perform preventative maintenance servicing on your laundry equipment.  This includes inspecting the dryer exhaust ducts (cleaning if required), inspecting the belts, hoses and generally cleaning the machines and giving everything a good once over.  We respect your resident’s time and do everything in our power to reduce the down time of any of our machines.  We have found that clean, properly maintained laundry equipment will have fewer service calls and less down-time.  It just makes sense to perform preventative maintenance on all of our equipment to reduce service calls and equipment down time.


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