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Laundromat Vend Price in Dollars vs. # of Quarters

Karl Hinrichs from HK Laundry Equipment explores the advantages and disadvantages of showing the Dollar amount to start a washer vs. showing just the Number of Quarters to start the same washer. This video tries to expand the traditional thinking of the Laundromat owner from showing the washer vend price in Dollars & Cents and suggests that by showing the # of Quarters to start the washer. By shifting the focus from strictly vend price to other more important issue such as the Laundromat Amenities (like: safety, security, cleanliness, Air Conditioning, great attendant, Big Washers etc...), then vend price becomes less of an issue. The goal of every Laundromat is to be a Price Leader in your market place because then vend price is not the reason why people will visit your Laundromat. A price leader can charge above market vend prices and make more money. The price leader shifts the customer focus to the features and benefits of their Laundromat and away from strictly price. Changing to # of Quarters starts to shift the focus away to the benefits of your store.

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