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Laundromat Sales Seminar Dates

Are Laundromats a good business? How do Laundromats perform in a recession? What is required to get into the Laundromat business? How much time is required to operate a Laundromat? Can I operate a Laundromat and still keep my day job? How much money can I make by owning a Laundromat?JJ KH low res

These are all important questions that most people have asked when considering entering into the coin laundry business. HK Laundry can answer all of your questions to help you determine if the coin Laundromat business is right for you. HK provides personalized Sales Seminars to all potential Laundromat owners. If you are looking to get into the coin laundry business in the New York or Connecticut area, please give us a call today and ask about our personalized Sales Seminars. Call us toll-free at 800-229-4572 and ask about how you too can get into the Laundromat business?

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