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SH Error Code Troubleshooting

SH Error Code Troubleshooting for Commercial Dryers

In this video, HK Laundry Equipment President, Karl Hinrichs, helps explain the SH error code on commercial Huebsch Tumble Dryers and goes through the cause and the possible solutions. SH errors are dead short errors, so the first thing to do is go to the back of the commercial dryer and check the temperature sensing probe. A likely problem is that the dryer's thermistor needs to be replaced, so simply change that part and check to see if the SH error is gone. If the thermistor isn't the problem, inspect the dryer's wiring to be sure there isn't any damage from getting closed in the sensor door or from being snagged elsewhere.

At HK Laundry, we want to set our customers up for success which is why we offer a suite of troubleshooting videos. We service areas in Connecticut and New York with our industrial laundry equipment. If you need additional help with your laundromat business, give us a call and we can help you out!

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