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The Laundromat from Hell

The Laundromat from Hell

Karl Hinrichs from HK Laundry Equipment takes us on a visit of “a Really Bad Laundromat” by walking us through the store from the customer’s perspective. Customers look at four components in every Laundromat. They look at the ceiling, the floor, the walls and the machines. In this example the ceiling is probably the best feature of this Laundromat. The floor is missing tiles and has not been cleaned or buffed in years. The walls have 1960’s paneling that is literally worn through. The top layer of the paneling is actually worn away from years of wear and tear.

The laundry equipment is the scariest component of this video. About half of the washers are out of order (which is never a good sign). There is a large washer with no drum in the machine (just a shell). The drum is underneath the folding counter. There is a top-load commercial washer where the entire decal/overlay has been peeled off the machine. Several dryers show an over-heat condition where the paneling above the dryers has actually started to burn. 

This is a great video that shows exactly how not to operate a Laundromat business. This is also a great example of what your customers look at in your Laundromat. The lesson here is what to focus on with your own coin Laundromat so that your investment does not become the “Laundromat from Hell“.

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