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Vend Price: # of Quarters vs Dollars

Laundromat Vend Price: # of Quarters vs Dollars

Karl Hinrichs, President of HK Laundry Equipment shows the subtle differences in displaying the commercial washer vend price.  Karl explains that when customers look at the vend price posted in the traditional way (showing dollars & cents) they may get sticker shock.  Karl’s preference is to show the number of quarters to start the washer.   Karl asks the question of how much is 29 quarters?  How about 33 quarters?  Math is difficult and most people will not bother to calculate the dollar & cent value of 29 quarters.  Karl explains that this is a great tool to get the customers away from comparing Laundromats by vend price and to get them focusing on more important features like cleanliness, décor of the Laundromat, mix of machine types, number of big washers, number of dryers, or hot water availability.  By making it difficult for customers to calculate the vend price, we get the customers to focus on the more important features of the Laundromats.  It also gives the Laundromat business owner the tools to raise their vend prices without huge customer push-back.

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