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Laundry Ozone Systems

Reduce your hot water use by up to 90% - and still get cleaner laundry!

Earth friendly logoThe Bottom Line 
with an HK Ozone System:

The HK Ozone Laundry System

  • Reduce hot water use up to 90%.
  • Greatly reduce major laundry expenses.
  • Save up to $33,000.00 annually (or more!) See it here!*
  • Minimize your "carbon foot print".
  • Get cleaner, fresher, softer laundry.

The HK "Shared Savings Ozone Rental Program"

  • Save more than the cost of the Program.
  • No charge for equipment.
  • No charge for installation.
  • No money down.
  • No long-term commitment.

Contact HK Laundry to learn more about installing an Ozone system.

What is Ozone?

Ozone is a naturally occurring molecule of 3 atoms of oxygen. Normal oxygen has 2 atoms of oxygen and is very stable. When a third atom is added to normal oxygen, a highly unstable molecule is produced which is an excellent germicide and a very strong oxidizer. When Ozone breaks down it reverts back to pure oxygen.

How is Ozone produced?

A thunderstorm producing OzoneOzone occurs naturally by 2 different sources. When UV light from the sun, enters the upper atmosphere the UV light is absorbed and creates Ozone, which helps protect the earth from UV light. The other source is with an electric discharge, like during a thunderstorm. The fresh smell produced right after a thunderstorm is Ozone in the air. Ozone is used in the washer to oxidize & disinfect the linen to produce clean laundry will have a fresh, clean smell.

How does Ozone work in cleaning my laundry?

Ozone is added to cold wash water and mixed with detergents and other chemicals to clean your linen. Ozone is a strong oxidizer and performs the same functions as bleach to clean & disinfect the laundry. Ozone works best in cold water and eliminates the need for up to 97% of hot water. This is the biggest cost saving to your laundry operation.

How can I wash in cold water and still disinfect the linen?

Ozone is a strong oxidizer and also a very strong disinfectant. Although Ozone is a very strong oxidizer, Ozone is safe for white & colored linen. Ozone will kill bacteria (including “super bugs”) at a rate of 3000 times faster than chlorine. Ozone is injected throughout the entire wash cycle, while bleach is only introduced once in the wash cycle. Ozone is used to disinfect the water for many municipal and treatment systems.

Do States allow washing in cold water?

New York, Connecticut, and New JerseyYes. New York, Connecticut & New Jersey all recognize Ozone as a strong disinfectant and approve of hospitals and nursing homes to use Ozone in washing linen in cold water. Ozone has been shown superior and safer in the disinfection of laundry linen. Ozone is a powerful disinfectant and great in eliminating odors.

Do I still need chemicals and my chemical company with Ozone?

On-premise laundry facilityYes. Ozone is just one component of the chemicals needed to clean the linen. You still need your chemical company to properly deliver these chemicals to the washer at the proper time with the correct dosage. Detergents, bleaches, alkali, and sour are still required in the chemistry to clean the linen.

Will Ozone clean every type of laundry soil?

No, Ozone is good, but not perfect. Ozone does not work well with oily type stains. Food & Beverage stains, Diapers and Pads, and all re-wash is best handled by Hot water and conventional chemistry including Bleaches, Breaks and lots of water changes.

Does my laundry staff require special training?

No. The Ozone system will turn on automatically and will only produce Ozone when required. There is no learning required by your staff.

Who takes care of my Ozone system?

Ozone systems technician operating at an on-premise laundry facilityWe have found through experience the most successful Ozone systems are the ones that are monitored and maintained on a regular basis (just like your chemical injection systems). HK will come to your facility on a regular basis and monitor your Ozone system. Regular check-ups on your Ozone system, will assure uniform cleaning results with a minimum of downtime. With our scheduled preventative maintenance, small problems can be found and corrected before a service call is ever required.

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