• "Keys to success? Location, equipment, store appearance and cleanliness. HK is a distributor and multi-store owner with over 40 years of laundry expertise to help you maximize return on your investment." — Karl Hinrichs, HK Laundry President

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Managing a Coin Laundry Business

Commercial Laundry Equipment - Washers & Dryers

Laundromat customers will patronize your store if you provide them with a better place to do their laundry than they had last week. Better can be a cleaner Laundromat, a more secure and pleasant laundry environment, a more convenient location, the ability of a Laundromat to wash a whole week's laundry at once, and (very important) the superior wash results produced by the HK equipped washers. 

Many of our best customers have perfectly good domestic washers at home or have access to a domestic coin-operated machine........they still prefer HK equipped Laundromats!

HK equipped washers & dryers are American made!

Huebsch commercial washersHK Laundry equipment offers 6 convenient sizes of 20, 30, 40, 60, 80 and 100 lb commercial washers, and are all virtually identical in operation, appearance and washing ability. The Laundromat customer with the smaller laundry load is not downgraded to the lesser machine because they do not have the quantity to fill the larger commercial washer. HK equipped Laundromats have a machine for every sized load!

HK equipped commercial washer extractors are both water and energy efficient. HK Laundry uses only quality front loading washers. Only a 1/4 of the drum has to fill with water to assure an excellent wash, because the clothes are constantly being brought in and out of the water and it is this action that produces the noticeable cleaner clothes. The energy efficient washers of today are worlds apart from the machines built even in the early 2000’s. Today’s laundry equipment is laser focused on saving energy and water. Ten years ago the most expensive utility for a Laundromat was Natural Gas.  Today in many locations the most expensive utility is now Water & Sewer costs.  Gas costs have remained about the same but the cost of water and sewer is becoming the fastest growing cost in operating Laundromats. If you do not have machines built after 2005, you are probable spending way too much money on your utility costs. 

The energy efficient commercial washers of today are very “green” and environmental friendly washing machines. The washers of today are microprocessor controlled which allow the Laundromat owner to have much more control of their water & sewer costs. The HK washers have 30 different water levels to fine tune the exact water consumption of these “green” washers.  In addition the washers also come with a 200 G-force High Speed option which will reduce the amount of water in the clothes and thus reduce the gas consumption of the dryers, in some cases by up to 25% reduction.

The front loading, energy efficient, HK equipped commercial washers have a 16-20% utility expense on gross income. That means 20 cents out of every dollar received will go to pay the utility bills. Conversely, today's so called energy efficient' top loaders will have a 35 % or more utility expense on gross income.

The primary reason that HK equipped washers have such an exceptionally long lifetime, is the design of the machine. The HK equipped washers have a heavy duty frame and greatest distance between bearings creating the strongest most durable washer made. 

After you have built your  Laundromat equipped with HK Laundry machines, the pledge of quality and excellence stays with you. HK Laundry equipment is an authorized factory equipped and factory trained distributor. HK  regularly conducts service schools to enable you (or your mechanic) to repair your own machines and save money. Our laundry equipment manufactures also have "Service is a “best in the industry”, 10 year seal & bearing warranty on all.Coin Operated Laundry Equipment

Laundromat class, hard mount washers.

In addition, the simplicity of design of the washer means trouble-free operation. This is because there are no: transmissions, gears, clutch, brake pads, or pumps in the HK equipped washers. If the extra parts are not there - they can't break.

After you have built your HK equipped Laundromat, the pledge of quality and excellence stays with you. HK Laundry Equipment as an authorized factory equipped and trained distributor. HK regularly conducts service schools to enable you to repair your own machines and save money. Our equipment manufactures also have a "Service Hotline" (1-800-229-4572) for their customers. This phone number connects you to a service engineer whose job it is to help you, over the phone, fix your machine. HK Laundry will also be available to assist you and provide service if you can't solve the problem yourself.  We firmly believe the self-sufficient operator will be the most successful operator. HK Laundry will do everything within our resources to assist you in reaching this goal.

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