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Product Videos - Huebsch Washers & Dryers

Why Huebsch Commercial Laundry Equipment? - 7:13

Karl Hinrichs from HK Laundry Equipment reveals the numerous reasons why HK Laundry chooses to represent the Huebsch brand of commercial laundry equipment. The Huebsch brand of Laundry equipment has t...

Huebsch Command-Ryan Hubbard - 1:34

Ryan Hubbard discusses how Huebsch Command has streamlined his business.  Huebsch Command offers Revenue and Turns per Day information for any number of time intervals.  Huebsch Command allows you to ...

Huebsch Command - Overview - 1:35

Huebsch Command is a remote access portal via the internet that allows you access to your Huebsch washers & dryers.  With Huebsch Command you can remotely access revenue, program and also maintenance ...

Revitalize Your Laundromat with Huebsch - 1:28

With Huebsch®, you can make your laundromat as unique as you. Capture your personal aesthetic and express your creativity with new design accents, available on all equipment featuring Galaxy™ 600 cont...

Continuing Evolution of Huebsch Laundry Equipment - 4:23

Huebsch was started in 1907 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and has been improving the performance, durability and reliability of all of their washers & dryers.

Huebsch is the Answer - 3:55

The story of Huebsch including history, products, support and why Huebsch is the answer to your commercial laundry needs.

Case Study - The Laundry Factory - 3:36

See why this successful owner chose Huebsch products and how the laundromat business has transformed his lifestyle.

Case Study - eLaundromat - 3:35

Huebsch Case study showing Lori Tsang and the eLaundromat in South Philadelphia. Lori use to own a liquor store but now she owns a Laundromat. She says Laundromat is easy to operate and is the perf...

Case Study - The Laundry Cafe - 2:17

Brian Holland & Tyrone Akins discuss their Huebsch Laundromat in Philadelphia & why it has been a successful investment, and is paying off for both themselves and the business' community.

Case Study - Huebsch Financing - 2:48

T.J. and Diane Kardas, owners of Soap Opera Laundry in Lemont, IL. When their first store proved successful, they reached out to Huebsch® Financial to see about opening another.