• "HK provides first-rate customer support before, during and after the sale. This complimentary Resources Section is just one way HK helps support you and your laundry." — Karl Hinrichs, Owner

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Laundromat Operations

The Laundromat from Hell - 5:26

Karl Hinrichs from HK Laundry Equipment takes us on a visit of “a Really Bad Laundromat” by walking us through the store from the customer’s perspective. Customers look at four components in every Lau...

Laundromat Vend Price: # of Quarters vs Dollars - 6:45

Karl Hinrichs, President of HK Laundry Equipment shows the subtle differences in displaying the commercial washer vend price.  Karl explains that when customers look at the vend price posted in the tr...

Huebsch Galaxy Washers - Using Galaxy Software to idenitify Fill & Drain problems - 4:02

Using the Huebsch Galaxy software, you can very easily review the last 10 washer Drain Times and last 10 washer Fill Times.  An entire Laundromat can be easily reviewed in less than 10 minutes.  With ...